Architectural Beginning Design Studio 02




Thoughts on Diagramming …Revisited


There is no “right or wrong” graphic technique when it comes to diagramming spatial relationships.  At this stage, you should be experimenting with as many techniques as you can, as long as you are remembering to begin with the primary qualitative relationships, reading/testing your attempt, and then fine-tuning…

…Keep in mind that, for where we are now, a diagram is simply a 2-dimensional composition which accurately conveys the hierarchies and gestures present within the spatial experience you are analyzing.  The goal is to get the 2D representation to function in the same manner in which the expereince functioned.  The way your eye follows through the 2D diagram should be synonymous with the manner in which your perceptions of space / place.  Whereas these diagrams could be considered zoning studies, they are NOT AT ALL to simply convey the shapes of the zones.  If anything, they should convey how the zones relate to, and are defined by, each other in terms of their qualities.  These issues should be familiar to you, as we spent the majority of last term and a good portion of today discussing them.

I would recommend that you reflect back on many of the diagrams you constructed last quarter, as well as the examples reviewed today, and become keenly aware / conscious of the manner in which your eye travels through the overall composition - not just in terms of direction, but also in terms of speed and magnitude.  And never forget to examine the "vertical" elements to the overall gesture - To read a 2D composition is to examine how it reads parallel and perpendicular to the plane of the paper.

Make the effort to discuss these issues with your studio mates.  Practice reading and discussing this AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE between classes.  These techniques we are exploring require practice and great continuity to have any hope of adding up.  You get out of this as much as you put into this.

Push these diagrams as far as you can betrween now and Wednesday.  DO NOT settle for a one-attempt process - You should do multiple attempts for each quality being studied.  First take the time to read the space(s) very carefully and then, and only then, begin your first diagram attempt.  Then do another, and another.