ARCH 181

Beginning Design Studio II

Winter 2005

Section 03

Instructor:   Rich Shiga







Final Model

-          1/4” = 1’-0” scale

-          Three Materials (two for intervention, one for site)



Individual Drawings

-          Two Plans

o        One Site Plan (1/8” = 1’-0” scale)

o        One Floor Plan (3/8” = 1’-0”)

-          Two Section / Elevations

o        3/8” = 1’-0”

o        Locations of cuts should be carefully considered

-          Sequential Perspective Series

o        A minimum of three perspectival studies, in sequence

o        Should be of approach, arrival and view looking out from “within”

o        May utilize a variety of graphic techniques (photo collage, digital collage, etc)

o        Should be a minimum of 18” x 18”

-          Exploded Axonometric Detail Study

o        Should further examine a detail within your design

o        Detail may be a tectonic detail, or a spatial detail

o        Scale of axonometric is to be determined by scope of detail chosen (review with instructor)



Composite Presentation Panel

-          As we’ve done in the past, you are to compose your individual drawings and photos onto one 30x42 sheet in such a manner that the graphic dynamic becomes synonymous with, and expressive of the primary qualities of your design

-          Utrecht has 30x42 mylar on hold for our section. 



Written Statement / Verbal Presentation

-          Should address, CLEARLY AND CONCISELY, the following questions:

o        How are you understanding Observation?

o        What is the nature of the relationship between Observer and Observed?

o        What is your experiential goal?  (in terms of how a user would feel, and what sense of place-ment they have)

o        Why did you choose to engage your particular area of the site?  What does it offer that you can play off of?

o        What aspects/qualities of the site are you ultimately observing?

o        How does the design of the approach fuel / delay / etc the ultimate understanding / relationship your architecture provides?

o        When do you feel as if you have arrived?  What is that moment like (dramatic, subdued, delayed, immediate)?

-          You will not be reading this, or pinning this up at your review.  You should, however, use it as a guideline for your verbal presentation.

-          If you e-mail these to me prior to 11pm Thursday, June 2nd, I will be able to offer feedback.





-          You are required to include all necessary process information in your presentation

-          Site analysis must be included in your presentation

-          You should have a (small) copy of the site aerial photo, and existing site photos in your presentation

-          It is recommended that you complete your model first, then the individual drawings, then the 30x42 presentation panel.

-          Presentation MUST be setup / pinned up by midnight on Friday, June 3rd.  Layout of SH212 to be determined.  Rich Shiga to coordinate.

-          Plan out and manage your time VERY carefully!

-          Also review the Thoughts on Final Review Preparation and Processing