ARCH 344

Construction Codes and Regulations

Spring 2005

Instructor:  Richard H. Shiga





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Building codes and regulations often instill a great deal of preconceived dread and boredom - Often thought of as an independent side-step in the design process, the influence of codes and regulations is often considered a procedurally ‘necessary evil’.


This course will initiate a view of the regulatory environment as not merely a critical factor, but a field of qualitative constraints that weigh equally to any/all other design factors.  From perceptual, to cultural, technical and economic to social - Is it possible to say that regulations shape a design process equally?


With this notion in mind – That codes and regulations represent an extension of the social, safety and ethical context of the architectural process of building design and construction - Emphasis will be placed on developing a sound understanding and appreciation of building codes and ordinances as design criteria and support for design direction and strategies. 


The course will not only introduce locations of reference sources and the impact of various design codes and regulations, but moreso will focus on the development of a methodology with which any code, regulation or design criteria in general may be processed and integrated into the practice of architecture.  This will involve an intensive process of gathering and processing information the customization of which will be explored using several projects.



Grading Criteria:                              


Attendance:       (One absence will result in the loss of a full letter grade.  Two absences will be grounds for receipt of an “X” or a failing grade)


            10%      In-class Discussions

            20%      Project One

            30%      Project Two

40%      Final Project



Course Texts:                                     



Cracking The Codes:  An Architect’s Guide to Building Regulations - Barry D. Yatt (Available in university bookstore)




The Architects Handbook of Professional Practice – Student Edition – Joseph A. Demkin, Editor


Building Codes Illustrated: A Guide To Understanding The International Building Code – Francis D.K. Ching and Steven R. Winkel