ARCH 344

Construction Codes and Regulations

Spring 2005

Instructor:  Richard H. Shiga





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Course Schedule


Wednesday, 6pm - 9pm

Shattuck Hall 329


                Week One                

            30 March                    The Nature of Codes/Regulations

                                             The Architectural Design / Documentation Process

                                                Assigned:   Project One


            Week Two

            06 April                      Gathering Information

                                                Project One Phase 01 Presentations


            Week Three

            13 April                      Gathering Information


            Week Four

            20 April                      Gathering Information

                                                Project One Phase 02 Presentations

                                                Assigned:   Project Two


            Week Five

            27 April                      Processing Information


            Week Six

            04 May                         Project Two Presentations

                                                Assigned:   Final Project


            Week Seven

            11 May                      Processing Information


            Week Eight

            18 May                      NO CLASS


            Week Nine

            25 May                      Processing Information


            Week Ten

            01June                          Final Project Presentations